Marine Research Coastal Station (ECIM)

estacion costera investigaciones marinas

Located at Las Cruces, Valparaíso Region, this site covers a section of the Chilean coastline that in 2005 was declared a Marine Protected Area (AMCP in Spanish). Adjacent to the AMCP is the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s ECIM marine laboratory.

The ECIM research programme was launched in 1982 with the aim of exploring the ecology of the intertidal and shallow subtidal ecosystems (0–20 m) of central Chile, contributing to effective conservation through the incorporation of human dimensions and social determinants of sustainability into the question of marine ecosystem use. Current research focuses on a variety of subjects, including population genetics, ecosystem biodiversity and ecology on the central Chilean continental shelf, oceanography, hydrology, and modelling of the central Chilean coastal ocean. Incorporation of humanity in a context of global change takes the form of sustainable ecosystem management, environmental education, and the promotion of regulatory legislation.


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