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Located in Pichi Quillaipe in Chile’s Los Lagos Region, Katalapi Park was acquired in 1994 and transformed into a centre for scientific research and environmental education. This private protected area is part of a landscape dominated by North Patagonian temperate rainforest and constitutes an exceptional natural laboratory for ecophysiological research. The park was created in support of scientific research on native forests and in order to encourage children, young people and adults to discover and come to appreciate the true value of nature. Since 2014, Katalapi Park has also been a Biological Station for the Universidad de Concepción.

Research began in 2003 and focuses on plant ecophysiology and functional ecology of plants and systems. The park has a rich background in open-air environmental and ecopsychology education, offering regular courses and promoting innovative learning in the form of experiential education cycles.


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View and/or download the Teaching Guide (Spanish only, PDF, 11.7 MB).

Guía Docente Áreas Marinas Costeras Protegidas de Múltiples Usos. GEF, PNUD y CONAMA, 2008.

This guide seeks to provide future members of society with an early introduction to the basic concepts of the ecosystem dynamics of our seas and oceans, helping them to understand the different components involved and how they work together. The guide also emphasises the value of these ecosystems, fostering positive attitudes and behaviours towards the environment of which we are all a part.

The multiplicity and abundance of species, genetic diversity and unique habitats around the world are encouraging actors in both the public and private sectors to establish a network of protected coastal and marine areas. This guide is the product of these efforts and invites the reader on a journey of discovery through our coastal and marine ecosystems and species, so that the treasure of our biodiversity may be conserved for the people of Chile. (Foreword)

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Director: Alfredo Saldaña Mendoza
Email: asaldana@udec.cl
Phone (Faculty of Natural and Oceanographic Sciences, Universidad de Concepción): +56 41 220 3418

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Katalapi Foundation President: Luis Corcuera Pérez
Email: luis.corcuera@parquekatalapi.cl
Mobile phone: +56 9 9249 0228

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Environmental Education Contact: Ana María Vliegenthart Arntz
Email: avliegen@parquekatalapi.cl
Mobile phone: +56 9 8360 1380

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